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For more than 40 years Stoneware has been a leader in natural stone providing customers with endless possibilities for design creativity and inspiration.

We are direct importers of a comprehensive and unique range of stone slabs and tiles including granite, marble, composite stone, onyx, semi-precious stone, limestone, travertine & much more, sourced from major producers all over the world.

The strong relationships forged with suppliers over 40 years ensure a consistent delivery of high quality natural stone at competitive prices.

We monitor overseas trends in the styles and use of natural stone products and make selections of what we believe best represents the latest styles and fashions in the use of natural stone.

Stoneware is renowned for its rapid response to the design needs of professional architects, designers and consumers by continually introducing the finest 'new' natural stone from around the globe.



composite stone


semi-precious stone






Classic and elegant | Great for bathrooms, fireplaces, furniture tops | Looks great polished or honed

Everyone marvels at the elegance of marble. Marble has a legendary elegance. It was used throughout the ancient world because it was soft enough to be worked with tools but hard enough to last through the ages.

Once considered the domain of the rich and famous, marble can be used in many applications throughout your home.

Marble is crystallized limestone that is not as hard as granite but more porous than granite, making it more susceptible to staining and therefore is more suitable for your foyers, bathrooms, fireplaces, studies or libraries.

Marble comes in many different colour variations and usually displays a prominent veining pattern with luxurious swirls and patches of contrasting colour that make marble famous.

Some popular marbles today are Crema Marfil, a light tan colour with rich, creamy veins, and Dark Emperador, a popular dark brown marble which has dramatic veins of white.

Carrara marbles, also very popular, come in varying shades of white.

A note to you on marble colour: It is important to know that green and black marbles are not recommended for wet areas of the home, such as a shower. Green marbles will absorb water and then curl and warp. Black marbles, when wet, can exhibit "spalling" at veins, which means small pieces of the stone may break away.

Stone is a product of nature.
No two pieces are exactly alike. Photo reproductions may not match the stone.

Marble Colour: Arabescato
Marble Colour: Arabescato Vagli
Marble Colour: Bianco Carrara C
Marble Colour: Bianco Carrara CD
Marble Colour: Bottacino
Marble Colour: Bottacino Classico
Marble Colour: Breccia Oniciata
Marble Colour: Calacatta
Marble Colour: Calacatta Vagli Extra
Marble Colour: Calacatta Vagli Gold
Marble Colour: Creamo Marfil
Marble Colour: Daino Reale
Marble Colour: Emperador Dark
Marble Colour: Emperador Light
Marble Colour: Fior Di Pesco Carnico
Marble Colour: Giallo Reale
Marble Colour: Grigio Carnico
Marble Colour: Negro Marquna
Marble Colour: Royal Bottacino
Marble Colour: Statuario
Marble Colour: Svevo
Marble Colour: Zevevo


Hardest of all natural stone bench top materials | Highly resistant to staining, scratching and heat | Large selection of colours Ideal for kitchen countertops

Of all natural stone, granite is one of the hardest and densest, second only to diamond.

Made up mostly of quartz and feldspar, it resists staining and scratching better than any other natural stone due to its density, making it an ideal choice for your kitchen floor.

In fact, granite is durable and wearable enough for almost any application you can think of.

Granite makes a powerful impact in kitchens, entryways and bathrooms, or as an accent with other natural stone tiles. Mother Nature produces granite in a variety of rich colours such as "Black Galaxy", which is a luxurious black stone with small white or gold crystals.

"Tropical Brown" is another very popular choice made up of tan, gold, brown and black flecks, while "Gallo Veneziano" is comprised of more vibrant golds, browns and blacks.

Stone is a product of nature.
No two pieces are exactly alike. Photo reproductions may not match the stone.

Granite Colour: Absolute Black
Granite Colour: Alaska White
Granite Colour: Amba White
Granite Colour: Antique Brown
Granite Colour: Antique Brown HQ
Granite Colour: Bianco Antico
Granite Colour: Bianco Argento
Granite Colour: Bianco Romano
Granite Colour: Black Forest
Granite Colour: Black Galaxy
Granite Colour: Black Pearl
Granite Colour: Blue Baracuda
Granite Colour: Blue Pearl GT
Granite Colour: Blue Pearl HQ
Granite Colour: Blue Pearl SP
Granite Colour: Brazil Gold
Granite Colour: Brazil White
Granite Colour: Brown Pearl
Granite Colour: Butterfly Yellow
Granite Colour: Cianitus Blue
Granite Colour: Colombo Juparana
Granite Colour: Colonial Cream
Granite Colour: Cosmic Black
Granite Colour: Emeral Pearl
Granite Colour: Ghiblee Dark
Granite Colour: Ghiblee Light
Granite Colour: Giallo Veneziano
Granite Colour: Green San Francisco
Granite Colour: Itaunas
Granite Colour: Ivory Fantasy
Granite Colour: Ivory Gold (Yellow Gold)
Granite Colour: JiangXi Brown
Granite Colour: JiangXi Green
Granite Colour: Kashmire Gold
Granite Colour: Kashmire White
Granite Colour: Madura Gold
Granite Colour: Mallenium Cream
Granite Colour: Marinance Black
Granite Colour: Marinance Black
Granite Colour: Gold & Silver White
Granite Colour: Night Pearl
Granite Colour: Orion Classics
Granite Colour: Paradiso Classic
Granite Colour: Persa Gold
Granite Colour: Raw Silk Pink
Granite Colour: River White
Granite Colour: ShanXi Grey
Granite Colour: Steel Gray
Granite Colour: Super White
Granite Colour: Tan Brown
Granite Colour: Tiger Skin Red
Granite Colour: Tiger Skin Yellow
Granite Colour: Tropical Brown
Granite Colour: Tropical Green
Granite Colour: Typhoon Boardeaux
Granite Colour: Ubatuba
Granite Colour: Ubatuba Green
Granite Colour: Verde Butterfly
Granite Colour: Volga Blue
Granite Colour: White Galaxy
Granite Colour: Wild Sea

Composite stone (also called Engineered Stone)

Non-porous | Scratch resistant | Contemporary

A man-made surface product manufactured from up to 93% quartz (one of nature's hardest minerals) and high-quality polymer resins and pigments that are compacted under intense vibration, vacuum, and pressure into dense, non-porous slabs. The quartz slabs are then post cured, gauged to precise thicknesses, and polished to an enduring shine. This results in surfaces that retain the cool, tactile qualities of natural stone while offering design freedom with almost unlimited application possibilities.

Composite stone is ideal for virtually any interior surface from kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and splash backs, to wall paneling and interior furniture, and also offers an attractive and versatile finish for commercial and institutional buildings.

The natural quartz gives the product depth and radiance while at the same time strength and consistency. It doesn’t require sealing because it’s non-porous. That makes it highly resistant to staining, very hygienic and easy to maintain. Today, Composite Stone is available in a wide array of colours ranging from subtle neutrals to dazzling bright colours.

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Stone is a product of nature.
No two pieces are exactly alike. Photo reproductions may not match the stone.


Stunning colours and patterns | Translucent types can be backlit | Suitable for bathrooms, fireplaces and furniture tops | Contemporary

Onyx is one of the most elegant stones found in nature. It’s a unique calcareous material with a very fine, tight grain and many veins running concentrically to one another. Creating endless design opportunities, this translucent stone is synonymous with luxury living. It takes a high polish, which contributes to its beauty. The uses are endless; bench tops, furniture, bathrooms, lighting and artwork (backlit, of course)

Stone is a product of nature.
No two pieces are exactly alike. Photo reproductions may not match the stone.

Semi-precious stone (gemstone)

Made from semi-precious stones | Extremely unique | Some types are semi-translucent

Semi-Precious Stone takes natural stone to an exciting new level. Each slab is a unique work of art from nature.

Semi-Precious Stone is hand produced by expert craftsmen using solid thick, select pieces of semi-precious stones, (including quartz, amethyst, petrified wood, agate and jasper) hand assembled and bound with a special epoxy binder. Technological enhancement features such as fibre optic inlays and “glow” formulas further heighten the exclusiveness of these amazing semi-precious gemstone products.

The use of semiprecious stone in projects has become increasingly popular becoming the accent of choice for luxury residences, hotels, and world-class destinations around the globe. Semiprecious stones should not be placed close to intense heat and are suitable for internal use.

Stone is a product of nature.
No two pieces are exactly alike. Photo reproductions may not match the stone.


Fine-grained igneous rock | slip and scratch resistance | hard wearing | Indoor and outdoor use

Bluestone (also referred to as basalt) is the common name for any blue-grey, fine-grained igneous rock, typically of basaltic composition. Bluestone is a common feature throughout the Australian landscape and has become a fixture of city streets and architecture. Offering impressive slip and scratch resistance, Bluestone is the ideal choice for residential and commercial use. With both indoor and outdoor use, Bluestone's hard wearing and sophisticated nature makes it a natural choice for commercial, retail and civil projects.

Stone is a product of nature.
No two pieces are exactly alike. Photo reproductions may not match the stone.


Warm and inviting looks | Good for low traffic areas | Can contain fossils

Limestone has a more subtle look and is actually a “young” marble.

It is created by the accumulation of organic materials such as shells and coral that gives it a unique, natural look.

Limestone is mainly offered in a “honed” or matte finish and will require preventative maintenance over time, as it is very porous.

As it is a softer and more porous stone it may not be suitable for all areas in the home because it will stain easily. Sealing is recommended to protect the stone’s natural beauty and performance.

This more porous stone comes in a diverse range of neutral colours from ivory to golden brown.

This range of colours makes limestone a versatile design option for flooring.

Stone is a product of nature.
No two pieces are exactly alike. Photo reproductions may not match the stone.


Weathered, natural look | Used for facades, stairs and decorative pieces

A member of the limestone family, Travertine shares some similar characteristics such as being soft and porous.

Travertine is formed with many small cavities and holes running through it that can be filled in with cement or resin, or left unfilled for a textured surface.

The surface is then polished to a rough or highly polished finish.

The filled-in areas remain dull which creates an interesting contrast.

Travertine can be used in flooring in numerous rooms in your home. However, like limestone, travertine will require you to have preventative maintenance performed over time, due to its porosity.

Stone is a product of nature.
No two pieces are exactly alike. Photo reproductions may not match the stone.


Organic appearance | Available for most projects | Chemically inert

Slate is a highly versatile stone that gives a natural, rustic appearance to any room.

Slate can be used for interiors as well as exteriors, making it the perfect product to bring the outdoors inside your home.

All slate has a natural “clefting” along the surface that gives this stone its unique textural, layered look.

This stone is made up of clay and shale, which is very dense.

Slate is extremely durable and water resistant, which also makes it ideal for exterior applications, such as patios and pool surrounds.

Slate comes in various colours and shades in the warm and earthy tones ranging from rich reds, oranges and golds to mauve, lavender, green, blue, black, rust and brown.

If your style is about texture, no other natural stone has the dramatic texture and colour of slate.

Stone is a product of nature.
No two pieces are exactly alike. Photo reproductions may not match the stone.